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Te Waikoropupu Springs

The Te Waikoropupu springs in Golden Bay are home to the clearest springwater in the world!

The Te Waikoropupu springs gush forth from the earth just 7 kms from the nearby township of Takaka and are well signposted from State Highway 60.

The “Pupu” springs,as they are affectionately known to the localsare home to the clearest spring water in the world (the only place with clearer water is the salt water Weddell Sea in Antarctica). Underwater clarity tests have shown the water from the springs to have underwater visibility of 63 metres!

The translation of “Place of the Dancing Sands” references the smaller of the two springs, with it’s white sand bottom. Here you will see the force of the water pushing up through the spring floor, moving the sand particles and making them appear to dance.

Whilst all contact with the water is forbidden (the springs are Wahi Tapu sacred treasure to the local maori) there is a calming and peaceful bush walk, easily accessible from the main carpark. A portion of this walk is wheelchair accessible.

The water from the main spring is a constant cold temperature of 11.7°C, clear and slightly salty. The flow is not constant; it varies from 7 cubic metres per second during droughts to a maximum of 21 cubic metres per second. The springs system is the largest in New Zealand, and among the 100 largest springs in the world (it ranks about 90th).